Billericay District Residents' Association

incorporating the Billericay Action Group

About us

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Our Aims

We aim to:

  •     Preserve and improve the quality of life in Billericay.

  •     Welcome change and improvement, by public consent.

  •     Conserve the town's and district's character, history, identity and ecology.

  •     Oppose over-development and urban sprawl.

  •     Hold local authorities and public bodies to account.

  •     We firmly believe that Residents groups represent the public's interests.



The Billericay Residents' Association was formed in 1926.
The strength of the Residents’ Association has been the dedication and enthusiasm of its members since the earliest days; without people with such qualities Billericay would not be the pleasant town it is today.


The proposed development north of the railway line caused concern to the people of Buttsbury who formed the Sunnyville Residents’ Association which eventually became known as the Buttsbury Residents’ Association. Shortly afterwards the journal “Buttsbury News” made its appearance as the Association’s means of communication with its members.


The Billericay Residents' Association journal “The Mayflower” was started

3rd March 1978

In anticipation of electoral boundary changes which removed Buttsbury Ward the two Residents’ Associations decided to merge to form one to represent the whole of Billericay. Thus on Friday 3rd March 1978 the Billericay District Residents’ Association was born.

1st May 1978

The new Association launched its own newsletter - The Resident - which was, and still is, circulated to all members.


We strengthened our Association by joining with the Billericay Action Group (BAG).
The BAG is now a fully constituted sub-committee of the BDRA, with a high degree of delegated authority and autonomy. This Group was set up in 2014 to challenge the Council's proposals to expand the area with more housing than the infrastructure could manage, and to preserve the Green Belt and the quality of life for residents of Billericay.

The Resident newsletter, which over time has morphed into a 12 page colour magazine, is circulated to members 10 times a year.

It has an advantage over other magazines as it gives residents information which is relevant to them, gives them a voice through the letters page, reports on the workings of the BDRA, gives updates on key issues, monitors planning, provides a place for local clubs and associations to advertise their events, advertises local businesses and runs a very successful programme of coach trips.


Both the BAG and BDRA organisations have a Facebook page with regular updates and items.



The Current Officers of the BDRA

Executive Committee

Chair                         vacant
Vice Chairman        Stephen Chapman
Treasurer                 Susan Harrington
Secretary                  Viv Burling
Editor                         Lisa Ronchetti
Webmaster               Michael Yates

Billericay Action Group (BAG)
Secretary                  Andy Wilson

Joint Area Committee (JAC)
Chairman                 Tony Beard
Vice Chairman        Eve Oliver
Secretary                 Marian Jones

Membership Secretaries
West Area                Vacancy
East Area                 Jan Weir
Queens Park           Paul Farrow
SW and Burstead   Sheila Pullin
Burstead                  Keith Bailey

Coach Trip Organisers

Yvonne Cave
Kathleen Fox